Some recent projects by Poseidon Enterprises.
Apart from main business persuits our company is also working on few different projects as commercial try-out activities (High Technology implementations for ecological concepts) or time-limited project (High-Tech Marketing). While some of these projects are rather noncommercial and actually they are either sponsored (Promotion of inventors with disabilities) or are developed within completely non-profit approach (Residential Ecosystems: Eggtopia - Modeling the Future).

Due to specific nature of those projects we don't provide very extensive information on this page at present and we ask you to write us an email to inquire...


R&D in applied Ecology. Our company takes pride in pursueing some research related to development of hi-tech eco-friendly systems and solutions that will allow people to find an approprite balance between personal comfort with use of all available modern technologies and healthy living (healthier and safer environment, safe drinking water, etc).

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Human Ecosystem & Exploration of residential needs. Poseidon partakes in and supervises the on-going work on a very specific project pertaining to development and design of new global ecovillage project. It focuses on establishing new human social paradigm via re-thinking and re-designing of residental model for mankind.

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Support and Promotion of young inventors with big ideas and humble resources. Poseidon provides assistance and helps to find sponsorship and financial support for otherwise overlooked and underestimated inventors and talented people, especially with certain medical conditions or those who may have special needs...

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High-Tech Marketing. High-Technology companies often have R&D capabilities superior to those of competitors, yet achieve only mediocre commercial success. Are such companies simply in need of improved marketing skills? Not necessarily. More likely they need to link their R&D with proper marketing strategies and impecable presentation.

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Few interesting & profitable business fields to invest. People with funds and strong intention to earn through reliable investments are welcome to look at investment programs selected by Poseidon. This is the place where Poseidon company offers its clients & partners and potential investors to meet - for their mutual benefits and productive cooperation!

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Art and Antique Export. Poseidon Acqusition Dept offers special services in locating, acquiring and transporting unique antique weapons and valuable objects of art from Eastern Europe to USA. Services inmclude all necessary paperwork, permissions, certificates, custom permissions and clearance, etc. Only legal procedures.

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