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Our Business Profile


Luxury Yeachts & Boats

Luxury yachts and boats straight from the marina of Fort Lauderdale. We are happy to announce a new field of activity - sale of boats and yachts. All kinds of yachts are offered for sale, from luxury super yachts and those destined to join yacht charter industry to the best in yachts for private use.
Whether new or preowned we can offer direct access to an array of yachts for sale including all types and sizes. Our range of activities means that we have daily contact with yachts, we know the crew and have in depth knowledge of the product we offer. Moreover, our experienced team can propose, negotiate, supervise and have delivered newbuilding contracts of any size, while at the same time cooperating closely with the owner allowing the space to define his own level of involvement.


Cargo Shipping

Poseidon provides full import and export cargo shipping services from your point of origin to your final destination. Our experience, knowledge, and connectio ns with a worldwide network of freight forwarders, customs agents, and carriers in every port and terminal worldwide, allow us to move your goods efficiently and safely.

If you're looking for a reliable and dependable cargo shipping company, give us a call today at 1(954)760-4501 to find out more about shipping of your particular cargo.

Our company is extensively trained to help you with cargo shipping. Our experienced team pays attention to all of the details, and we know how to safely pack, crate and ship your freight to ensure that everything arrives in excellent condition.


Cars & Vehicles Sale

Poseidon Auto Group New York is an official American Car Dealer company. Our company is registered on all automotive auctions of USA and Canada.

From 1996 we purchase considerable amount of vehicles and vehicle parts and ship all automotive cargo to our clients in all possibile destinations all over the world.

Our offices are located in Maimi and New York, USA. Our car sale business mostly aims at clients in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic Republics, Georgia, Kazahkstan, and European countries who want to purchase specific used cars, rare models or customized vehicles with as less extra charges and fees - practically: direct from automotive auctions.

We follow highly professional and ethic rules and principles:

  • Low and competetive prices for cars and parts;
  • High requirements to and quiality control over conditions of vehicles we sell;
  • Strict control of vehicle check-up, delivery and shipment;
  • Best accuracy of fulfiling car order & special requests;
  • Control of container loading and fast shipment;
  • Reliable communication with out clients. Fast responses to all requests and questions;
  • Hi-Tech

    High Technologies

    Bringing new technologies closer. Export & Marketing.
    In the area of Hi-Tech development and export Poseidon company offers an expert analysis of product (inventions, working models, patents) for overall applicability, viability of commercial promotion and practicability of implementation. The company offers subsequent export and marketing services of the product in question on IT and technology markets of USA and both Americas.

    Developing novel high-tech products. R&D.
    At present Poseidon does not offer any own R&D assistance or development tools, nor any financial support for new products.
    New projects are not initiated at the moment, while all projects presently in progess will be carried through as planned and in accordance to aggreements and pre-approved schedules.
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    Eco Programs

    Modeling the Future

    Special project to develop proper human habitat.
    Most projects in this category are mostly concepts in early stages of development and design, and they are completely uncommercial and non-profit at the present.

    Further commercial application is regarded as potential for some separate modules and elements, but this particular venue is not closely explored at the moment.

    Concepts of ecovillages, new designs of sustainable human residential modules are available for viewing on separate website...

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