Some INVESTMENT Offers from Our Partners

Investment in Real Estate Construction

Residential Complexes: Large Appartment Buildings.
We are glad to offer quite unique opportunity to invest a small (to medium) amount of funds in profitable business with quick turnover: construction of residential apprtment buildings in a large & growing city with population over 1.5 million people in Russia.
Despite some fallback in all European economies few years ago and general economic recession in the world, the construction business in Russia is still going strong and it's one of the most attractive and profitable areas of smart and reliable investment...

Investment in Real Estate Construction

Residential Building: Three storey Luxury Appartments.
We offer another good opportunity to invest in real estate business: Construction of three-storeyed luxury residential building in Limasol (Cyprus). It's a quick turnover option with overall construction time estimated as 18 months. And where ROI is estimated as about 71.6%, with total investment sum is currently set about 2.1 million euros. Total floor space of the building is 877 sq.м (with sale price of 4000 euros per meter).
Other information is available in PDF file or via email request.

Investment in Real Estate Construction

Residential Building: Ten storey Residential Building.
Here we offer another good investment opportunity in highly profitable field of real estate in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).
You are invited to invest in contruction of a large ten-storyed residential building with some areas of public use (offices and gym) and underground car parking (two underground levels).
Total floor space for appartments is 7800 square meters, floor space for offices is 243 sq.meters, floor space for gym is 2303 sq.meters, unedground parking is 2603 sq. meters (about 69 car spaces).
More details are available in PDF file or furnished via email.

Investment in Pharmaceutical Sector

BioPharmacutical: Production and Destribution.
Our partners have prepared a solid investment program in popular and booming area of R&D and production of already certified pharmacutical drugs. It is well-known that medicine is of highest priority in human society and it's in high demand, therefore an appropriate investment in this area, with reliable and reputable companies, is practically guaranteed to provide reliable output and considerable profit...

Investments in other fields...

For other interesting investment offers, please refer to our partner site with investment service - Oro Toro