About Poseidon Enterprises

Poseidon Enterpises was founded in 1996 in New York as a single company. With gettting more experience and gaining success the company grew and developed into a business group of enterprises, encompassing more activities and expanding its services to other business fields.
With company offices in New York, Maimi and Moscow we provide the highest quality of customer care worldwide, we employ the best people and we utilize modern communication systems to convene with our global clients and ensure that distance presents no issue.
Best quality service at competetive prices.
We offer our customers high quality services and products at extremely competitive prices.
You might choose us because of the quality of our people or the dedication and commitment we bring to our work. The results-oriented approach that has always made us stand out from the crowd may also be a consideration. However, you might just want to look at the hard facts: the success we have achieved on behalf of our clients,the breadth of our service offering, our comprehensive multilingual capability, the innovative technological solutions we deliver, the low cost and convenience of our services. We are able to offer the right solutions and provide full support at all times regardless of our customers’ location or different needs.

Long history. Big experience. Good reputation.

Professional attitude, serious expertise in all business and R&D areas of activity .
Being versatile and adapting to the needs of our partners means we are able to deliver efficient and effective solutions; all supported by leading-edge technology and infrastructure. We carefully select the best people and support them through highly effective training and development programs.
Our location gives us a competitive commercial advantage, which is combined with the benefits of our modern technology infrastructure and highly evolved operational processes.